Novel way of browsing videos

The plethora of multimedia resources at the disposal of general public has led to the development of a variety of media browsers. However these media browsers fail because of their various shortcomings. Thumbnail representation of the media is not very helpful to the user. Another major problem of these browsers is that it is difficult for the users to comprehend the overall outcome of a search. How exactly the videos related to the phrase given by the user is not obvious. Some of the newer media browsers indeed provide many helpful features but most of them are still locked with in the thumbnail framework. Online media organizers such as Google videos [13], YouTube [31], 3WNews [30], VIDSEEK [20] all provide 2D thumbnail view point. They are limited in providing connectivity between individual videos. Though some of these browsers have some unique features, like organization feature in Photo Mesa [5], they still fail to provide a complete engaging experience. 3D Picture Browser [1], PicLens [19], and TiltViewer [25] provide very innovative and easy to use interfaces. Photo Tourism [24] provides a 3D sense of viewing the content. The system is designed for photographs and the main purpose of the system is to represent a scene with photographs taken from various angles. All these interfaces are in 3D space but designed to work with images. MediaMetro [11] is a system that provides an interactive 3D visualization of multimedia document collections using a city metaphor. To provide the users with an engaging and entertaining experience browsing video content, we have developed a 3D Video browser, a browser which launches a new approach of browsing videos to the users.

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