3-D Video Browser Overview

The 3-D video browser emulates the model of a universe in its functionalities. The videos are floating around in a 3-dimensional world just like the heavenly bodies in our universe. These randomly flying videos can be played in full screen upon selection. The browser is being supported by a video server which contains the videos for the browser. This interactive browser is dedicated to the development of an extremely pleasant and engaging video browsing service.


Above figure illustrates how the 3D video browser works. Upon launching the browser the user sees a 3D world of videos and is allowed to navigate in the world to explore it. Helicopter vision is used to give control to the user to navigate the world of videos which is being implemented using the video pipeline of OpenGL The striking aspect of this 3D world of videos is that the videos are continuously playing in the 3D world and are not just a single frame, which usually is the case in today’s video browsers. All the videos in the system have been tagged based on their content. Currently the video has to be tagged manually but we are planning to experiment with automatic tagging in feature versions of this system. These tag information is stored in a database and is used in user searches.

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