Interacting with the 3-D Video Browser

When the user types in keywords, all the videos become organized based on the keywords entered by the user. The movement of the videos can be considered as a swarm of bees. The videos that have a very close or strong relationship to the keyword get closer to the core of the keyword. The weakly related videos go to the edge. And the videos that have no relationship to the keywords move to the background. Suppose the user enters words Paris and love, videos that are closely related to Paris group around the word Paris. These videos may be video taken in Paris, climbing the Eiffel tower. Videos grouped around word love may be videos of weddings, marriage proposal or couple in love. The intermediate space between Paris and love grouping get filled with videos that are tagged with keywords Paris and love. They could be video of a couple taken in Paris, or getting married in Paris. The videos are not stationary. They move around like swam of bees. But they always keep their relative proximity to the grouped keyword as shown in below.


The user can freely navigate through the large number of videos using the keyboard keys. The allowed moments are forward\backward (surge), left\right (sway), up\down (heave). The movement is similar to that of computer games. The user can zoom in out of any video in the 3D space. The user can select a video clip in the 3D space using the mouse. The selected movie will come forward and will take most of the display screen if the original video size permits it to do so. The viewing of the selected movie clip is similar to that of any movie player available today. Other possible details of the movie such as title, description, keywords, owner, etc. can also be viewed at this stage. This browser aims not only to engage and entertain the user but is our attempt to revamp the existing browsers and usher in a new era of web surfing

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